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Investors in Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies should closely watch the Federal Reserve to get a sense of how fast and how far U.S. interest rates will climb. For an obvious reason: higher interest rates could deflate the price of these assets, as they did back in early 2000 with stocks.

Bitcoin Ripple, Ripple, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have turned scores of investors who placed their bets into these investments into millionaires. But cryptocurrency investors can lose their millions faster than they made them, and then some, if the market momentum turns in the wrong direction.

That’s what is usually the case for investors who make decisions based on emotions rather than intelligence—including Sir Isaac Newton, who lost a small fortune in the South Sea Bubble. 

To be fair, it isn’t known whether an asset is in a bubble territory — until the bubble bursts and investors lose a great deal of money.

Meanwhile, some cryptocurrency experts believe that the Fed’s policies won’t have a big impact on cryptocurrency prices. Shidan Gouran, President and COO of Global Blockchain, is one of them.

“Higher interest rates won’t crush Bitcoin, but they will certainly have an effect on it,” says Gouran. “This is the case for two reasons. The first reason is the slightly more obvious one; low interest rates have made traditional investment vehicles less attractive. This is exactly what made ‘alternative’ investment methods such as Bitcoin appealing in the first place. Higher interest rates will alleviate this disadvantage for traditional forms of investment, which does stand to displace some investment in Bitcoin. The second reason has to do with a side effect of Bitcoin’s popularity. As Bitcoin’s value began to spike in December, people started taking out second mortgages on their homes to fund Bitcoin purchases. A rise in interest rates will likely cause a lot of panic selling, because the second mortgages (which have higher rates than first mortgages) will soon become too expensive to service, and investors will likely seek to recover their capital by selling their Bitcoin, even at a loss.”

Darren Marble, CEO of CrowdfundX, agrees with Gouran that higher interest rates won’t have a big impact on the price of cryptocurrencies. He worries more about the uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrency regulations than he does about the prospect of rising interest rates.

“I do not believe higher interest rates will crush Bitcoin anytime soon,” says Marble.“The Fed is raising interest rates. But it’s doing so cautiously. As we have seen over the past couple months, uncertainty around regulation has been a much bigger factor in the price depreciation of Bitcoin than interest rates might have.”

Meanwhile, David Drake, CEO of LDJ Capital, sees Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as “a hedge against increasing interest rates as a new investment asset.” But he warns investors not to place a big portion of their savings in the digital currency.

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After a prolonged correction, Bitcoin is back big time. The “people’s currency” has been gaining momentum again as it test the $9000 resistance point.

Is this comeback for real?

Hard to say, as there are hardly any “fundamentals” to judge whether Bitcoin is undervalued or overvalued at these levels. Still, there are a couple of bullish signs for the digital currency worth noticing.

One of them is that Bitcoin is beginning to behave like the ‘new gold,’ shining in times of extreme uncertainty that take over Wall Street.

There was a time when gold would shine as Wall Street faltered. That was long time ago, when it was the hedge against uncertainty. It was the asset where investors could park their cash in times of political and economic turmoil.

Now Bitcoin is taking its place, as evidenced by the performance of the two assets overtime.

Bitcoin, for instance, rallied last week, as conventional gold and stocks faltered, due to anxiety over the direction of interest rates and world trade. The “people’s currency” gained 13.95% in early in the week and 22.81% in the last 30 days. Meanwhile, the SPDR Gold Trust lost 2.31% and 2.51% over the same period, and the S&P500 lost 3.53% and 4.93%.

Investment Time 5 Days 30 Days
Bitcoin +13.95* 22.81
SPDR Gold Trust -2.31 -2.51
SPDR S&P 500 -3.53 -4.93

Bitcoin displayed a similar pattern last year. It rallied as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was launching missiles over Japan, and as China was trying to write its own navigation rules in South China Sea.

Gold didn’t.

That’s why Bitcoin is often referred to as the new ‘gold.’

Another bullish sign is that Bitcoin is beginning to respond positively to SEC’s efforts to fight fraud in the cryptocurrency markets. Last week’s rally, for instance, came as SEC cracked down on certain Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

That’s quite different from last July when Bitcoin headed south on the news that the SEC was getting ready to regulate ICOs.

Apparently, Bitcoin investors are getting it right: government regulation is good for the digital currency. It helps build trust among market participants, while limiting the supply of competing coins.

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DOPE Coin Gold - A Digital Currency for Fast Growing Medical Marijuana Sector

Good Day Crypto Traders,

If there are two things we can all agree on is that Bitcoin has become a household name and has become one of the most boring things to watch. The explosion of Bitcoin last year put Cryptocurrency on the minds of traders, investors and opened the doors for the world to invest.

One thing that I learned from watching stocks for years is that when the majors (BTC, LTC, ETH) are slow and red, traders tend to scour Alt Coins (alternatives to the big boys) for great trade opportunities.

Well, in 2014 many of us saw the explosion of the Medical Marijuana across multiple states, countries and markets, but they face the one big problem since the legalization is on State levels, not Federal, in the US.

This BIG problem has put banking restrictions on growers, dispensaries and research, depriving the highly desired sector of the proper funds it needs to prosper and challenge the way we, humans, use what our own planet gives us for our own health benefits.

In 2014, while most of us where captivated by the revenues an average dispensary in Colorado was bringing in, the Cyrpto world was quietly developing the tools and protocols to help solve the major gaps and issues in the fiat centralized control system.

I went on a mission to find a Cryptocurrency that could deliver on both value and solution to the Medical Marijuana industry, and found DOPE Coin Gold, and undervalued Cryptocurrency that is providing solutions to the sector at lightning speeds.

DOPE Coin Fundamentals Are Mindblowing

DopeCoin has consistently developed new technology while others have remained dormant or only given promises of future developments.

We are the only coin that has identified that the business model of trying to provide a banking solution for the marijuana industry is a failed model and taken steps towards other methods of gaining a foothold in the marketplace.

Dopecoin has a reputation of having a strong team with a high level of integrity who don’t release false hype but instead produce consistent results.

Dopecoins founder and development team passion for the project is clearly visible by their full time dedication to the project.

Dopecoin has the best technology in the sector but still has a very low market cap which provides massive opportunity when its potential is reached and understood.

The dopecoin team are pioneers in the cryptocurrency Altcoin space and are still working hard on the project since 2014.

Dopecoin has provided more tech and updates over the last year than all the competing marijuana coins combined.

The marijuana industry and crypto / digital payment world are both moving forward at a blistering pace. Our mission is to provide as many technological solutions as possible for this new industry that is about to be created by these two up and coming sectors.

Marijuana businesses do not want to be blacklisted from certain services that others use to advertise, expand, and facilitate their businesses. Our mission is to cater specifically to this industry and to provide them with the tech solutions they need to compete in the global marketplace.

It is no secret that the Medical Marijuana market is set for massive growth

How does DOPE coin add VALUE to the sector?

The solution DOPE coin offers to the vast growing sector is being the means of exchange for marketing, giving DOPE coin value above any of its competitors

DOPE Coin has their own crypto payment gateway

DopeCoins vision is to provide the marijuana crypto scene with as many technological solutions as needed in order successfully transition what is now a mostly cash based industry into the next evolution of money:

  • Accept payments on your site or at your business
  • Stake your balance to earn interest
  • Purchase power for advertising for growth
  • And much

“Our mission is to continually create and innovate in this fast paced industry and to commit to big projects that could potentiality change the way our industry currently does business.”

DOPE Chart Indicators Are Setting Up For A Bullish Breakout!!!

DOPE Coin’s chart is a marvel to watch, and the excitement building in a coin that is set to revolutionize two massive industries at once could result in a parabolic breakout.

I will break down the chart in 5 sections:

  1. PriceDOPE chart has been trending up steadily over the past few days in a perfect manner, trend up, small pull back, set new higher support level and continue on its upward path.
  2. Volume – A sharp increase in the past week as volume is now about 400% above the 30 day average, signaling interest and demand from traders and investors a like.
  3. MACD – This is a sight of beauty, as the MACD line curves up and does a bullish cross over with the signal line, indicating that an upward continuation is very feasible.
  4. Histogram – The histogram is one of my favorite indicators to watch, it tends to be spot on and lags the least of major indicators. Look close enough and you can see that the histogram hit bottom five days ago, moved up to the zero level (Pre-Breakout Indication) and now has made its firs green (over zero line) candle, a very bullish indication.
  5. RSI – Talk about catching a chart right before it goes wild. The RSI on DOPE Coin’s chart is trending up and sitting just under the BREAKOUT line. A very bullish indication.

Overall, DOPE Coins chart is impressive, the way it stair steps up as it gradually gains momentum is not something we see often on charts and once the resistance at 1000 Sat’s is broken and set as new support level, we could have a front row seat to the parabolic move of DOPE Coin.

DOPE Coin has also been recognized as the leader in this sector by top leading media outlets.

Begin your research on DOPE Coin right away and make sure you do not miss out on what could be a revolutionary coin with real value.



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Mintcoin provides an energy efficient, earth friendly alternative in the cryptocurrency space.

We're an open source, community run and organized POS coin, currently minting at 5%


MINT Coin was released in February 2014


Pure POS Coin 30 Second Block Target


Difficulty Retargets Every Block, POS Min/Max Age: 20/40 50 Confirmations for Minted Blocks​


As of December 2017 there are 24,947,260,808 MINT in Circulation

MINT Coin White Paper

Bitcoin mining is currently estimated to consume 32,000,000 MWh of electricity annually. To put that into perspective, the entire State of New York in the U.S. consumed 20x less in 2015, at 1,666,049 MWh. That’s equivalent to approximately $30 Billion USD wasted on mining, and this figure rises everyday. Mintcoin on the other hand requires no special hardware, and uses extremely minimal resources to maintain the network

RSS MINT on Reddit

NEO Coin

What is a NEO Coin?

NEO Coin is a cryptocurrency based on Smart Economy.In times of worldwide networking, Web 2.0 and Industry 4.0, the subject of Smart Economy is being discussed more and more frequently.

Smart Economy describes the further development of the economy and offers a digital representation of economic processes. So-called Smart Contracts are intended to clarify here.

Smart Contracts are basically nothing more than computer protocols that are intended to map, check or support real contracts – such as those taken out between two companies.

Programming often makes it easier to spot contract errors and the whole process is more efficient than traditional contract law. Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency to recognise such a need and programmed appropriate protocols into its blockchain.

But a good idea seldom remains individual and, over time, more and more of these currencies followed suit. One of the fastest growing of these is the Neo cryptocurrency, a solution for Smart Contracts originating in China.

Neo Coin – the killer of Ethereum?

Neo Coin initially operated under the name Antshares. Originally founded in 2014 by the two Chinese entrepreneurs Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, the idea was to create a more serious image for themselves and, in 2017, named the cryptocurrency after the Greek word for new: Neo.

In fact, the name says it all. Not least because Neo not only copies its predecessors in part, but also adds its own innovative ideas to an original concept in order to make Smart Economy even more efficient.

These improvements were noticed. As well as making waves in the Far East, the Chinese provider has become one of the first contact points in the Smart Contract area, with the Western market also starting to grow.

With a current market capitalisation of $3,011,398,000 (3 billion), the neo-crypto currency is now one of the 15 largest of its kind in the world. Due to its meteoric rise and bold new ideas, Neo is sometimes referred to as the “Ethereum Killer”.

Digital assets and digital identities

Digital assets can be anything. Action, real estate, commodities and pretty much anything that can be traded in the ‘real world’. With the help of Neo, the trade in such goods can be simplified to the extent that the individual Neo Coins in the area of the Neo cryptocurrency and blockchain represent certain assets, which themselves can be traded by Smart Contracts.

Thus, the ownership of a car, a piece of land, a share or whatever else might be part of the contract can be transferred quickly, easily and safely from one person to another. At Neo, assets that have been registered via a valid digital identity are also protected by law.

Digital identities are individuals, entire organisations or other entities that use Neo to transfer or preserve their goods. While digital assets describe the objects of a transfer, digital identities are the subjects who trade in these assets.

Neo Cin (NEO) and Neo Coin (GAS). Two tokens for the Neo Crypto network

The Neo platform uses two different cryptocurrencies: NEO and GAS. The two serve different purposes, which will be discussed in more detail below.

The NEO Coin as a Token

In the Neo Crypto system, there are exactly 100,000,000,000 units of the cryptocurrency NEO. 50,000,000 units have been allocated to interested parties at the initial coin offering, the remaining 50,000,000 units will remain with Neo and will be used over time for further developments in the Neo-ecosystem.

The amount of 100 million tokens is fixed and cannot be increased. Furthermore, the smallest unit is always 1 NEO – unlike other cryptocurrencies, NEO cannot be shared.

NEO can be used in the Neo system to store and transfer ‘digital assets’. NEO can also be used to buy GAS and NEO can be used to participate in decisions made about the future of the Neo Blockchain.

The Neo Coin (GAS) Token

In contrast to NEO, GAS Behaves more like a conventional cryptocurrency. It is cast over the blockchain, at the moment 8 new tokens of GAS are being created per block in the blockchain.

According to projections, there will be 100,000,000,000 GAS units at the end of the mining phase, which is expected to happen in 2039. GAS can also be shared.

GAS is used to create Smart Contracts. Depending on how complex the calculations of a smart contract are, they cost a different number of GAS.

Market capitalisation of NEO and GAS

What is the current market capitalisation of Neo Coin?

The Neo Coin is traded under the abbreviation NEO. It was first made available at a price of USD 0.181483.

Initial data on the market capitalisation of NEO are available from 26th October 2016 onward. At that time, NEO had a market capitalisation of USD 6,785,000, with a coin value of USD 0.1257.

Over the following year, NEO experienced a meteoric rise in value. This earned it the nickname ‘Ethereum Killer’.

On 14th December 2017, the coin value was USD 44.90 and the market capitalisation was USD 2,918,700,000.

What is the current market capitalisation of Neo (GAS)

The GAS token was not introduced until 6th July 2017. Initial data on market capitalisation is available from 2nd August 2017. At that time, it was USD 7,018,420 with a GAS value of USD 2.40.

In contrast to the NEO currency, which has risen almost continuously, the price of GAS has fluctuated considerably. The cryptocurrency reached a historic high on October 3rd, 2017.

Then, the coin value was USD 33.41 and the market value stood at USD 284,244,212. Today, GAS has a market capitalisation of USD 187,691,000, realised through a pre-join value of USD 21.83.

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